Going home

The islands have been so good to us the last couple weeks. Something with the air and moister has such healing qualities. None of us want to leave, the house we rented makes you forget the time and day. Why don’t we take time for ourselves more as Americans? We did this trip! Mahalo! And be good people…back to Los Angeles we go…

We got some creepy crawlies


Went down to poipu today, hoping for a little better surf. Instead we settled for beers and bacon cheeseburgers. Amazing decision, we are nap ready…. Be good people.

Also last night two of our friends went on a hike and went missing. Didn’t come back last night couldn’t find them in the afternoon, thank god they surfaced in the afternoon. Moral of that story don’t get stuck out on a hike in Hawaii it so dark you wont be able to see 4 steps in front of you. Thank god they were ok!

The View

Taken with my iPhone 4.


This island feels timeless, and reminds you of how simple life can be again if you let it. Swimming, eating, some sun and quick showers. Can’t feel anything but blessed and nurtured here.


Finally able to catch up with some family on a Hawaiian vacation…it’s amazing here. I’ll be posting more the next few days.

We left the cowboys behind

The lonesome cowboy that I saw somewhere between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


It’s tough to say it but after being out of Arizona heat and desert now for more that 7 years. I can actually see the beauty of the desert again. We were also extremely lucky, it actually rained for a day while we were here which really cooled off the temperatures. Be good people, back to Vegas next week and then we will be off to Kaui!!

Driving home

Stopped at the mad Greek in bakers field, back on the road.

Goodmorning noahs